Yes Cymru : Siôn Jobbins a ro e zilez (abalamour d’ar wokisted ?)


Ha re bounner e oa deuet Yes Cymru evit un den e-unan ? Roet en deus Siôn Jobbins e zilez eus ar strollad dizalc’hour kembread. Da gentañ holl en deus lavaret d’an 09 a viz gouere e oa arruet skuizh gant al labour hag eñ en doa d’ober gant e yec’hed.

Hogen, war ur blog en deus embannet ur broadelour un hir a destenn ma tispleg traoù all ha ma ra un rentañ-kont nann-ofisiel eus istor Yes Cymru. Hervez « Jack O’ the North », « tud eus an tu kleiz-pellañ a glask lakaat o c’hrabannoù war ar strollad»

As is the fate of all such groups, the Far Left soon tried to muscle in and subvert a cross-party and non-ideological group.

The initial attempt was thwarted, which resulted in certain individuals leaving and, towards the end of 2018, forming Undod, offering ‘Radical Independence for Wales’. It was soon clear that Undod was a Marxist organisation whose members turned up for any kind of protest.

Ha pelloc’h e tispleg sklaer ha berr e soñj diwar-benn labour ar « varkisted hag ar wokisted » tost eus an dravaillisted saoz evit treiñ ar c’hampouezh diouzh o zu :

To prepare the way for the takeover completed at the May 22 AGM certain people, resistant to the Marxists and the Wokies, needed to be removed. Among them, Dr Dilys Davies.

Dr Davies had been attacked earlier, in September 2019, for defending Germaine Greer’s views on sex and gender. (Or at least, that was the excuse used.) I dealt with it here in, ‘Misogyny, bullying? Depends who’s doing it‘.

The attack was renewed at Easter-time this year when Aled Gwyn Williams went down to Ceredigion to engineer the excuse for more complaints – from Aled’s cronies – that would be used to get Dr Davies suspended from the Central Committee.

This I dealt with in ‘Hopes of Welsh independence being jeopardised by the hard left’.

Gwasoc’h c’hoazh : Hervez Jack O’ the North emañ Yes Cymru « en arvar » abalamour d’un dek a dud », gaochisted anezhe holl

The victory of the Woke-Left has been short-lived because they were too arrogant and self-obsessed to appreciate that taking over the Central Committee in a rigged AGM would be resented by the great majority of YesCymru members.

Members who want to prioritise independence, and welcome into YesCymru all those who share that view, irrespective of political loyalty and ideological alignment.

For YesCymru to get back on track most of the Central Committee must be removed. The same goes for Diversity and Inclusivity Officer Jessica Harvey, and Campaigns Officer Harriet Protheroe-Soltani (of Momentum).

Unless swift and firm action is taken YesCymru as an organisation could find itself paying – literally! – for the disgusting and criminal behaviour of a few dozen people. That would not be fair on thousands and thousands of decent people.

A-nes komz eus an istorioù arc’hant a vefe o trenkañ ar soubenn er strollad. Hervez ar blogour n’eo ket dre zegouezh pe abalabour d’e yec’hed nemetken en deus roet Siôn Jobbins e zilez…

18 000 ezel a zo e Yes Cymru

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